MicroHouse 3 Review Questions

Hi all. I saw your Calling for review of MicroHouse 3 on Twitter, so this is my response.
I don't have any knowledge of construction, architecture, or natural building. But maybe my answer helps.

Question 1

Yes and no. I think you can't lay bond beam around and then put brick wall on it. But i think that for structural integrity you need some structure that bind together first floor bond beam with higher part of the house. I think about some inside and outside wood frame that goes all around, and brick wall and bond beam are inside of them. Something like formwork foundation. It can be then used to attach some side shelters from outside, from inside can be attached to first floor support beams.

Question 2

Cripple studs can help solve your problem: You can connect both beams and and both rafters with 2x2's cripple studs together. Cripple studs can go between 2x12's from bottom of bottom beam to top of upper rafters. This makes ladder-like structure, that is very strong. You connect both roofs to one solid structure.

Question 3

The simple answer based on How to Install Roof Flashing article is: tar paper, flashing, corrugated roofing. But this answer don't respect your type of roof.
Then i found one roofing company solution (pdf) which looks like this:

They use up flashing at top, up and bottom on sides and two bottom flashings at bottom end of roof. This looks much better, but also expensive. So your flashing looks good to me, if your side flashing hangs over first wave of corrugated roofing (like on the right picture above).